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Every year over 500,000 people die from viral respiratory infections and over $200 billion is lost due to losses in productivity. Whilst treatments and vaccines exist, they can only only be used for specific viruses and viral strains. Treatments are especially limited, due to either only being able to target specific viruses (requiring identification) or having limited broad spectrum efficacy. RespImmune are using their world leading expertise in defective interfering particles to create the world's first truly broad-spectrum respiratory antiviral.

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What are Defective interfering particles (DIPs)?

Defective interfering particles (DIPs) are naturally occurring viral like particles that have truncated/shortened genomes. DIPs are produced by all viruses whenever a virus replicates. DIPs have the ability to inhibit viral replication through outcompeting the virus for cellular and viral resources and generating an antiviral state in the cell. This reduces the amount of virus produced by each cell and under certain circumstances, can completely halt viral infection without impacting the host.


Defective interfering particles as antivirals 

Defective interfering particle's (DIPs) viral inhibitory characteristics make them ideal candidates for antiviral treatments.  


When used as a treatment, DIPs have the following properties:

  • Can be used to treat numerous different viruses with a single treatment.

  • No requirement for diagnosis of the viral pathogen.

  • Can be used as a prophylactic or as a therapeutic. 

  • Do not suffer from resistance issues. 

  • Adaptable for new pandemic viruses.

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RespImmune's broad-spectrum respiratory antivirals 

RespImmune have developed a novel method of identifying and isolating naturally occurring DIPs with strong viral inhibitory properties. These isolated DIPs have the ability to inhibit all major respiratory viruses with a single treatment and can act as both a short term preventative measure and as an active treatment. 

Mechanism of action 


Applicable settings for treatment

RespImmune's DIP therapeutic portfolio

Using RespImmune's novel method of identification and isolation, RespImmune have developed three DIP based technologies that each utilise different viruses and technologies to deliver the desired DIP antiviral response. Each technologies has also been optimised to maximise the desired response. This allows RespImmune to produce superior products in comparison to competitors and improve the chances of successful approval. Our technologies will also be protected by a strong patent strategy.

All current technologies are in the discovery and developmental phase of development.

Our Team

RespImmune's founding team and advisors are some of the world leading experts in the DIP and antiviral immunity fields. Our team are experienced biotech founders and are also advised by a number of pharmaceutical industry veterans with decades of combined experience behind them. 

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